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Julie approaches her work with authentic humor and motivation and speaks to:

  • Corporate Executives

  • Entrepreneurs 

  • Associations

  • Single Parents and Married Parents

  • The Overwhelmed and Blocked 

  • High School and College Students


Julie Riga is an experienced speaker and trainer.

Her inspirational messages and authentic stories will keep you thinking and reflecting. She uses a unique blend of humor, faith and wisdom to keep the audience engaged and wanting to learn more.Iń 2019 Julie had the opportunity to be trained by Briar Goldberg, famous TEDx Coach in New York City at TED Headquarters. Julie's TEDx was called Discover your Purpose and Stay On Course and was viewed by over 65,000 Novartis Employees. She received amazing feedback on this talk and now coaches other speakers to use their story to help others.

Popular Speaking Topics 

  • Discover your Purpose and Stay on Course: As heard on TEDx 

  • My Listening Habit: Learn the 12 Roadblocks to listening and curious listening

  • Failure, Faith and Fun: Lean into failure and embrace innovation and possibility

  • Lessons from a TEDx Speaker: What is the gift you are giving your audience

  • Leave a Legacy: A story of a Dad and his daughter and a mission to succeed

  • Dropping your Water Line: How authenticity leads to connection

  • The Worthiness Contract: Sign a new agreement and step into your power

  • Time Management: What are you doing?

  • Your so annoying and so am I! Explore the Myers Briggs personality types 

  • From Admin to Director: Conquering the corporate ladder by becoming an intrepreneur

  • Author of My Life: Invent, reinvent and live the life you always wanted

  • Leadership Topics: MBTI, Conflict Management, Coaching, Project Management, Managing, Branding, Story Telling,

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